Year 4 – Semester 1

AWARE Y4S1 Summary

This semester had many activities, with several AWARE research committees meetings.  In addition, AWARE researchers completed a series of four workshops in Western Canada and a workshop on LiDAR’s methodological issues in Quebec.  This spring, AWARE was also awarded grants from the Alberta and Ontario governments.

2018-04-11 OSMC Y4M1 meeting minutes

2018-01-29 NationalCC Y3M2 minutes

AB – With the FRIAA award, we are now planning our field season for July and will send a crew of six to S20 and S17 of West Fraser’s FMA to collect data for three weeks.

2018-01-24 AB Y3M2 Core Site Minutes

ON- Ontario field work has wrapped up for the season and no additional data collection is expected.

2018-03-08 ON Y3M3 core site meeting minutes

NB – NB will be flying LiDAR and collecting aerial photography this summer. We will be working with them to enhance the data collection in the BB area.

NL – Sam will be doing Q18 research in HRW.  Aurelie will be consulting with RI this summer, before returning to Sherbrooke to complete her MSc.


Active Projects

Q1 – Doug Bolton resigned from AWARE (end date Apr. 30, 2018) and we are recruiting a replacement for him.  Until that time, Piotr Tompalski will build on Doug’s work.

Q01 Y4S1 Bolton

Q2 – Kaysandra Waldron completed a manuscript and submitted it to Ecological Application.  She continued her analysis of LiDAR metrics to determine stand structure based on fire disturbance.

Q02 Y4S1 Waldron

Q3 – Melodie Bujold completed a revision of her analysis of direct and indirect approaches and is working to finalize results of this.

Q03 Y4S1 MBujold

Q5 – Karin van Ewijk started on this question on Jan. 1, 2018.  She submitted a manuscript based on her work in Q4 and began work on transferability of FRI variable models between Eastern and Western boreal forest.  She also submitted an abstract to ForestSat 2018.

Q05 Y4S1 van Ewijk

Q6 – Sean Lamb submitted his second publication and has completed Q6.

Q06 Y4S1 Lamb

Q7 – Chris Mulverhill will convert to a PhD. His submission to Forests was accepted for publication.  He began work on analyzing ecological drivers for stem size distributions and planning for the 2018 field season.

Q07 Y4S1 Mulverhill

Q8 – Jean-Romain’s second paper was accepted for publication.  He also defended his PhD thesis and is working with a student, Jasmine Siebert on implementation of several algorithms for his lidr package.

Q08 Y4S1 Roussel

Q9 – Ayla Brombach completed her coursework, examined wood quality data and worked on her research proposal.

Q09 Y4S1 Brombach

Q10 – Shane Furze submitted his PhD thesis and finalized two publications.

Q10 Y4S1 Furze

Q11 – Tristan Goodbody’s paper was accepted and will be published in ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.

Q11 Y4S1 Goodbody

Q12 – Joe Rakofsky refined his model to mitigate the possibility of sample size distorting results.  He also drafted a paper on estimating height growth with ALS and DAP.

Q12 Y4S1 Rakofsky

Q14 – Rebecca Wylie completed her data setup and analysis and began developing models to predict mean stem age.  She also started wood quality modelling and writing of her thesis.

Q14 Y4S1 Wylie

Q15 – Shawn Donovan finished a manuscript for Agricultural and Forest Meteorology.  He also worked on change detection investitagtion of various vegetation images and completed the initial draft introduction and methods for a second manuscript.

Q15 Y4S1 Donovan

Q16 – Xavier Gallagher-Duval has been recruited for this position and will start in September.


Q17a – Aurelie Schmidt used a SWOT hydrological model to compare outputs against a developed index. She has begun work on a publication.

Q17a Y4S1 Schmidt

Q17b –  Catherine Frizzle submitted her PhD proposal, and defined workflow for testing one ecological service.

Q17b Y4S1 Frizzle

Q18 – Sam Herniman start on Jan. 1, 2018.  He developed two questions to study, wrote a project proposal and planned for field work this summer in Corner Brook.

Q18 Y4S1 Herniman

Q19 – Naime Safia added functionality to L-Vox algorithm and is writing a review on the use of TLS in forest inventory.

Q19 Y4S1 Safia

Q20 – due to difficulties in recruiting a candidate, research objectives have been split between three researcher’s in Richard’s lab.

Q21 – though currently on medical leave, Jean-Francois Prieur continued to work on improving workflow and performance.  He also began evaluating the use of deep learning in species classification.


Q23 – Parvez Rana assessed feature standardization of two AWARE datasets and sampling intensity optimization.  He submitted an abstract to ForestSat 2018.

Q23 Y4S1 Rana

Q24 – Bastien Vandendaele completed his PhD research proposal and processed ULS data on McCoy Brook site.  He also began a draft for the first chapter of his PhD thesis.

Q24 Y4S1 Vandendaele

Q25 – Piotr Tompalski continue to develop R tools to allow users to extrapolate LiDAR based predictions to larger areas using Landsat imagery.

Q25 Y4S1 Tompalski


Completed Projects

Q4 –LiDAR metrics, Karin van Ewijk

Q6 – Growth Forecasting, Sean Lamb

Q13 – Growth Modelling, Piotr Tompalski

Q22 – Species Identification, Rachel Perron