Core Sites

Four core regions across Canada have been defined, based on financial and in-kind support by the CRD industrial forest companies. These companies have all been involved in the CWFC EFI program, so are aware of the potential of remote sensing technologies and are enthusiastic about continuing to partner with the government and university to address their research needs. Where possible and appropriate, the majority of research undertaken within this CRD will be focused at these four sites.

Research Core Focus Sites:

We readily acknowledge that additional research is going on at other sites across Canada, and unique and important data is being collected at these sites highly relevant to this CRD. As a result, a suite of secondary sites will also be established to ensure the capture of this detailed and important information as well as represent the full range of forest types and productivities across Canada. These sites will be used as key research sites when the research questions are unable to be addressed at the core sites listed above. Sites will be identified in particular in British Columbia and Quebec.  A lead academic researcher is identified for each of the core and secondary sites, and this person will be the main liaison between the industrial operators at that site and researchers undertaking field programs and analysis and providing research results and outcomes. All theme leaders and HQP working at these regional sites will inform and consult with these research site coordinators to ensure the project maintains clear and open communication with the industrial operators at each site.