Reporting, Publications and Presentations



Bolton, D.K., Coops, N.C., Hermosilla, T., Wulder, M.A., and White, J.C. Evidence of vegetation greening at alpine treelines: Three decades of Landsat spectral trends informed by lidar-derived vertical structure. Submitted to Environmental Research Letters.

Bolton, D.K., Tompalski, P., Coops, N.C., White, J.C., Wulder, M.A., and Luther, J.E.  A cross site comparison of predicting forest attributes with airborne laser scanning and Landsat time-series data. In preparation for submission to Remote Sensing of Environment

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Furze, S., Arp, P.A. 2018. Amalgamation and harmonization of soil survey reports into a multi-purpose database: an example. Submitted to the Open Journal of Soil Science

Furze, S., Arp, P.A. 2018. From ancillary soil surveys to pedotransfer function development and perfomance assessment. Submitted to the Open Journal of Soil Science

Lamb, S.M., MacLean, D.A., Hennigar, C.R., and Pitt, D.G. 2017. Imputing tree lists for New Brunswick spruce plantations through nearest-neighbor matching of airborne laser scan and inventory plot data. Can. J. Remote Sens. 43(3): 269–285.

Lamb, S.M., MacLean, D.A., Hennigar, C.R., and Pitt, D.G. 2018. Forecasting forest inventory using imputed tree lists for LiDAR grid cells and a tree-list growth model. Forests 9(4): 167.

Roussel, J.-R., Caspersen, J., Béland, M., Thomas, S., & Achim, A. (2018). A mathematical framework to describe the effect of beam incidence angle on metrics derived from airborne LiDAR: The case of forest canopies approaching turbid medium behaviour. Remote Sensing of Environment 209 (2018): 824-834.

Roussel, J.-R., Caspersen, J., Béland, M., Thomas, S., & Achim, A. (2017). Removing bias from LiDAR-based estimates of canopy height: Accounting for the effects of pulse density and footprint size. Remote Sensing of Environment, 198, 1–16.

Tompalski, P., et al. Combining Multi-Date Airborne Laser Scanning and Digital Aerial Photogrammetric Data for Forest Growth and Yield Modelling." Remote Sensing 10.2 (2018): 347.


Year 1 AGM

Year 2 AGM

Conference Presentations

Roussel J.-R (2015) – Extending the scale of applicability of models predicting forest structure and composition from airborne LiDAR measurements – Northeast Mensurationists (NEMO) – (USA)

Roussel J.-R (2017) –  lidR, an R package to work with laser scanning point cloud in forestry and ecology – International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) – Vancouver (CA)

Roussel J.-R & Cormier T. (2017)  – Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) – Boston (USA) – R in the Z-Dimension.

Roussel J.-R (2017) –  Effect of scan angle on LiDAR metrics – Silvilaser – Blacksburg (USA)

E-lecture Series

The AWARE project: Results and Outcomes

Digital Soil Mapping in New Brunswick

New LiDAR Technologies on the Horizon: SPL and Multispectral LiDAR

Assessing Non-Timber Values Using LiDAR and Advanced Remote Sensing Data

Digital Photogrammetric Applications to Enhanced Forest Inventory


Other Presentations and Talks

Roussel J.-R (2015) – Correction du modèle numérique de canopée dérivé des données LiDAR – Colloque du CRMR – Québec (CA)

Roussel J.-R (2016) – Reducing the error attributable to measurement parameters in predictive models of forest metrics using aerial LiDAR – AWARE AGM

Roussel J.-R (2017) – Effect of scan angle on LiDAR metrics – AWARE AGM

Roussel J.-R (2017) – Algorithmes de segmentation individuelle des arbres en ALS – Québec (CA)

Roussel J.-R (2018) – Manipulation de données de lidar aéroporté avec R dans un contexte forestier – Training course –  Québec (CA)