Government Support


We would like to acknowledge NSERC for awarding 2.1M to AWARE.  In addition to funding from NSERC, AWARE receives significant amounts of in-kind support from the federal government, provincial governments, and government institutions.


The Canadian Forest Service (CFS) which includes the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre (CWFC) and CFS regional centres staff has provided significant support to both set the direction for AWARE and provide resources and expertise for AWARE researchers.  In 2009, CFS initiated an enhanced forest inventory (EFI) program to research and demonstrate the use of LiDAR and other remote sensing technologies. The EFI program is a nationwide effort to develop methods which are locally applicable to forest company needs.


Two years prior to the creation of AWARE, CFS worked with academic researchers and industrial partners to lay out a research roadmap for AWARE.  The questions posed within the themes of AWARE have specifically been developed to complement and not overlap questions which have been, or are planned to be, addressed within the ongoing EFI program at the CFS. Whereas questions posed by the CFS were more operationally focused, AWARE conducts more in-depth research within a collaborative university context.


The CFS continues to support and strongly collaborate with AWARE.  The CFS researchers provide their guidance and support to AWARE researchers for much of AWARE’s research mandate.  This includes:

  1. Enhancing/refining predictors and predictions (Q4, Q5,Q7,Q8,Q14,Q16,Q19)
  2. Productivity from DTM and wet area mapping (Q9,Q10)
  3. Habitat indicators, ecological integrity, and sustainability (Q17,Q18)
  4. Growth and yield and management planning (Q6,Q11,Q12,Q13,Q20)
  5. Species resolution (Q21,Q22,Q23)



AWARE would also like to acknowledge the contributions of the British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland provincial governments and the Northern Hardwood Research Institute.  These institutions have provided invaluable support and expertise to enhance research efforts by AWARE at our core sites.